Better Days Giveaway - October - 2014


Better Days Giveaway - October - 2014

Hey Everybody its Giveaway time again!

This is a monthly giveaway


The purpose of this giveaway is to (as the title says) have Better Days, 3 people will be randomly selected and at end month be notified and have a package sent to them containing all types of wonderful things in order to make them smile, and even if you receive something you can’t use you can always give it to someone else to make their day better :)


  1.  You have to reblog to be eligible to win
  2.  Upon winning you will have to provide your address
  3.  You can enter as many times as you like

12 Items will be  included in each giveaway package (items vary)

So no one will ever get the same thing <3

Various fandom items will be included in each package

(I.E. Dr Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Btvs, MLP, Anime etc)


Good Luck to everyone who enters

This Giveaway ends October 31st, 2014

The next one will start November 1st, 2014

All my love

- B


rené grincourt by sean p. watters


rené grincourt by sean p. watters

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Rhaegar by Lensar

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